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We value teamwork, continuous improvement, integrity, accountability and self-awareness.

When TDG was founded in 2000 we set out to improve the financial health and security of Middle Income America. Today, our values have not changed and our mission is more important than ever.

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what we stand for

Our core values


To be successful you have to have the team's best interest at heart at all times. We support our agents and their families' success, in the same manner, we fight to protect our clients.


We are driven by our commitment to change the lives of clients and our agents. We are not moved by the "feeling" of doing good.


We love what we do! We get to be a resource in our local communities, we get to increase our income with no restrictions! What's not to love?


The best results come from the collaboration of different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives.


To be at our very best we have made it a point of focus to increase our capacity in all areas. Not only in product offerings and training for our team, but also in compassion and understanding for our clients.


Our character is derived from our consistent ability to meet the demands of an ever-changing financial landscape.

we love to have fun

Life at TDG...

TDG Nation works across nine home offices: California, North Carolina, Detroit, Florida and Many More. We're made up of skydivers, former military, rock climbers, trivia-enthusiasts, book club-ers, and more!


We love getting together to celebrate. Whether it's through birthday parties, themed happy hours, baby sprinkles, anniversaries, or team off-sites, we are always finding a reason to celebrate and get together as a company.


We're creating traditions at TDG. As we grow we strive to create impactful traditions to better help our local communities. We also give shoutouts to individuals or teams who embody our Operating Principles.

Jeremeko Edwards

"How would I describe TDG in a few words? Fast-paced, compassionate, and forward-thinking."
- District Manager | Detroit, MI

Diana Casteel

"It is exciting and challenging to work on the problems that TDG is trying to solve. Which is making life insurance easy and helping as many families as possible!"
- Key Leader | Asheville, NC

Mark Hutcheson

"What Stephen and Hollie has done for my family and me is priceless. If you want to find a career to invest into, TDG is where it's at!"
- Vice President | Greenville, SC

we work with the best

Over 40+ Carriers

Tools for growth

Our benefits

We work hard and value our work life balance. Check out our benefits below.

Flexible Schedule

We believe you should be able to create a workweek that compliments your lifestyle. We have all experienced the pain of missing important moments because of an unrelenting work schedule. That is why we work alongside our advisors to develop a schedule that makes sense for what they need to accomplish. We have "9-5ers", retirees, and even full-time college students that can create additional income with us. We haven’t met a schedule we could not accommodate yet!

Advanced Technological Resources

Once you have established a proper schedule, you’ll need the right tools to help you manage it. Our state-of-the-art Alliance Resource Center, or ARC, provides all of the tools a new or experienced advisor needs to be successful. The ARC is centered around our industry-leading Customer Relationship Management software. Our CRM will help you keep track of your clients and all of the relevant information to service their financial needs. Once you help your clients their information is automatically updated into the system. This eliminates time-consuming, administrative tasks so that you can focus your attention on what matters most, helping families and growing your business.

Carrier Sponsored Vacations

We work hard for our clients because we love what we do. But we also love having fun! What could be more fun than traveling the world with others that share your passion for helping families? Doing it for FREE! Our carriers reward us for a job well done by sending us all-expenses-paid vacations every year. We all deserve a little relaxation from time to time. From Paris to Aruba, come travel the world with us!

Partnership & Legacy

Most people explore opportunities in financial services because they want to make a change. A change in income, a schedule change, or a change in how much control they have in their daily work lives. You could very well make any of those changes in this industry. As a part of TDG Financial, all advisors have the option to build an agency and go partner with Integrity Marketing Group. Going partner with Integrity will put you in a position to create real financial freedom for your family and future generations.

real growth

Tools for success

Know your worth

We believe that quality work should be rewarded. We also believe anything in life worth having must be earned. Earning a client's trust, and therefore their business is a skill that is built from quality training and experience. Those that are willing to follow our training and learn our system are rewarded with an industry-leading commission structure with an aggressive promotion schedule. To the right, you will see an example of the commission an advisor makes on an average mortgage protection sale.

Quality leads

We are committed to helping you have a fulfilling and successful career. That is why we put our advisors in front of clients who are interested and looking for our services right now. Cold calling is simply not an efficient way to build a business quickly in financial services. Therefore we don't make our advisors find their clients or bother their family and friends to help build their business. We partner with top-rated companies that supply us with clients that are actively seeking help with the services we offer. Each of these clients has taken the time to fill out either a physical paper form or an online form.

Practice makes perfect

Proper training and guidance are essential to success in any industry. We pride ourselves on creating quality content that can take someone with little to no financial advisor experience and help them create a long and fulfilling career. We have the resources, knowledge, and training to ensure anyone can learn this business and start increasing their earning potential fast!

Training begins with getting licensed. We have partners that offer online courses that you can take at your own pace. Our corporate sponsors provide many tools to accommodate any learning style. Video breakdowns, a glossary to explain all the terms, notecard tools, and many more resources all come included in the course.

Once licensed, the new agent training is a combination of online videos, live zoom courses, and one on one walkthroughs. We even have an entire website we call "The University" dedicated to every carrier and product we sell. That is a LOT of content! Finally, new advisors are given a mentor to help them navigate getting started in this business. We are dedicated to allocating every resource available to the success of our new advisors.

Experience is key

Mentoring is a critical piece to success in this industry. Our CEO Stephen Davies became successful in this industry over these 20 years because of the leadership and guidance from his mentors. We are firm believers in mentorship and growth, and to this day we see it is more important than ever. This industry is growing and changing rapidly and we want our advisors to win and win big with us! That’s why we have mentorship from the top to help our new advisors. Stephen’s goal is to give you the same opportunity he had and help you to have a long and fulfilling career.

Growth mentality

You'll never receive worthwhile returns if you never invest. We approach each new advisor that joins our team with a growth mindset. We aim to grow the whole person, which will reflect in their business and career. This approach requires time, training, tools, and much more. When we find the right candidate we firmly believe investing in them will jumpstart their career, that is why we make sure that they have all the necessary resources and tools to reach and exceed their goals.

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Frequently asked questions

We know there is a lot to consider when researching a new industry, below are the most common questions we receive from prospective applicants.

Q: What if I can't commit to being a full time advisor at first?

A: Whether you have other obligations that you have to take care of or if you are coming into this industry brand new, our goal does not change. We are still focused on helping our clients and our advisors succeed. So if this is something you can only do part-time for now, we have the structure in place to accommodate that.

Q: Do I have to cold call or prospect?

A: We are committed to helping you have a fulfilling and successful career. That's why we believe in sitting our advisors in front of clients who are interested and looking for our services. Therefore we don't do any cold calling and you won't have to bug your family and Each of our clients has taken the time to fill out either a physical paper form or an online form.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Getting started is a quick process for those who want to move fast. The first step is to get a Life and Health Insurance license. Every state requires this certification to speak to clients about financial products. We have corporate sponsorships that can help alleviate some of the start-up costs for obtaining the license. After passing your state exam, we get you appointed with a few of our top carriers and begin the onboarding process. To learn more about the training click here:

Q: Is this a remote position?

A: Yes, our advisors have always worked remotely. There are Agency Managers that have brick and mortar locations where local advisors can work and/or receive training but there are no required office hours. Working remotely gives our advisors the freedom and flexibility to create a work/life balance that suits their needs.

Q: This sounds too good, Is this legit?

A: We are partnered with over 40 insurance carriers, some of which are among  the largest and most reputable companies in the industry. The list includes Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, AIG, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield to name a few. Our carriers trust us to represent them because we conduct our business with integrity and prioritize the needs of our clients.

Q: Is there room to grow?

A: Absolutely. Financial literacy and security are as top of mind today as it has ever been. Recent events have forced families to confront the harsh realities of not having a smart financial plan in It is also an exciting time in the industry because we are in the midst of an enormous transition of wealth in America. Many families are actively looking for advisors like you to help them make a plan to transfer their assets to the next generation. There is more room to grow as an advisor now than ever before!

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