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our story

Every great story starts with a beginning.

When TDG was founded in 2000 we set out to improve the financial health and security of middle-income America. Today, our values continue to guide us and our mission is more important than ever.

Protected Families

Over 20+ years of helping families nationwide, we are proud to say we know a  bit about financial health.

Active Earners

We are a part of a huge collective that is focused on the success of each of our agents. Deeply passionate about the growth of our professionals

Annual Policy Premium

With over $6 million in annual premiums, we are passionate about helping as many families as possible.

The TDG story

2000 - 2001
After spending two years struggling to make a living as an advisor, Stephen Davies travels down to Burlington, NC to have a meeting with Alliance President and CEO Andy Albright about a new opportunity…


Stephen invests time, money, and an incredible effort into building an agency of his own under Andy’s tutelage. That effort led to Stephen becoming  the youngest millionaire in Alliance history at 24 years old, a record that still stands today.


After enjoying personal success beyond what even he could have imagined, Stephen dedicated himself to helping others build legacies of their own. In that time Stephen has promoted over 20 agency mangers, paying forward the guidance and mentorship Andy afforded him when he was a new advisor trying to find his way in the industry.


Life is always changing and evolving. In order to carry out our mission of protecting families, we’re constantly making adjustments and improvements to better serve our families. However, there are some things you can’t prepare or plan for. The pandemic forced us to zoom out and evaluate our business model and what it needed to be going forward. We realized pretty quickly that there were some practices and procedures that needed to be updated in order to operate in this new world. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, we introduced a more efficient onboarding process as well as a complete overhaul to our training. We will continue to embrace these challenges as the world changes around us!

In 2020...

TDG Financial’ s parent company, The Alliance, partners with Integrity Marketing Group. This strategic partnership provided an incredible opportunity for new advisors and agency managers alike. Integrity specializes in technology driven insurance solutions. Integrity’s platform allows advisors to run their businesses more efficiently and help more families in the process. But the real opportunity in working with Integrity is that every advisor is able to build an agency of their own and partner directly with them, just as Andy Albright did with The Alliance.

And now...?

Today we’re still hard at work building a brighter future for our clients and our communities. In the past year we have introduced more carriers, new products, and better tools for taking an opportunity and building a business. For more information on what we’ve been up to lately click below.

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