Agent Licensing

Whether you are getting your license for the first time or an already licensed agent needing to complete a continuing education course, we have the resources and discounts to help you succeed.

You have career goals and a lot you want to achieve. We trust ExamFX.

ExamFX is the nationwide leader for insurance and securities prelicensing training and continuing education. They have trained over six million since 1996 and continue to be the innovator in online learning technology. We are beyond proud to have ExamFX as our partner.

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Trained Candidates

Join the masses who have been able to receive their license.

Insurance Pass Rate

Striving for the highest possible passing percentage is important and a goal for ExamFx.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

Maintaining a positive customer satisfaction rating is key to any successful company, and we value each and every review from our customers.

Industry Expert Instructors

Whether you looking to get your license for Medicare Supplement policies or just Life and Health, ExamFX has virtual Instructors to help guide you through the process.

Verified User Reviews

Real customers with real reviews.

Years of Combined Industry Experience

ExamFX works with only the best within the finance industry. Learn from trained professionals who have years within the industry.

starting your course

Pre-Licensing Course Enrollment

Select the "Purchase Now" to get started

  1. Start by visiting

  2. Once you have reached the ExamFX website, select the "Purchase Now" button.

Special Company Discount Pricing

  1. In order to receive the company discount pricing please reach out to branch for discount code.

  2. After you have placed in the company email discount code, select "next step".

Select Product

  1. Now it time to select your product. Here we want to select "Insurance Prelicensing" for the first drop down box.

  2. After selecting the type of course, you now want to select the state in which you will earn your license.

  3. ***NOTE*** this only applies for candidates who currently don't have a license. If you are already licensed as an agent, please reach out to TDG for additional instructions.

Select Training

  1. Now it time to select your training course. Now we want to select "Life and Health Insurance" as your training course.

  2. You will also see the State Rules and Requirements, be sure to look over the state related specifications. **Keep in mind that the course does expires in two months.

Select Package

  1. Select your package training. The course should be "Video Study Package - Life and Health".

  2. Next, you want to select "Next Step" to proceed to the next screen."

Create An Account

  1. If you are a new user to ExamFx, select the "Create An Account".

New User Registration

  1. Fill out the information below. Filling out the information correctly will be important. When you complete this course, ExamFX uses this information to create your "Course Certificate".


  1. Fill out the correct information for billing of the course.


  1. Lastly, place in your payment method for the course. Afterwards you are all set and ready to proceed within your course! Congratulations you are all set and now on track to becoming a licensed agent!

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We have been able to collaborate with ExamFX to develop our exclusive study tips and tools to help with helping agents pass first time and getting their license back faster.

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