Adam Lucas

Director of Operations

Raleigh, North Carolina

Adam Lucas is the Director of Operations for TDG Financial. Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. At a young age, Adam developed a deep passion for creating systems for growth and efficiency. Adam graduated in 2016 from Appalachian State University with a BFA in Design. While at Appalachian State University Adam held two executive board positions with A.I.G.A. and B.S.A. organizations at the University. After graduation, Adam went to work at various creative agencies within North Carolina and remotely nationwide.

Since being apart of this company, I have been able to obtain priceless experience and a wide range of professional development skills. All of which has allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined possible.

Today, Adam has been able to take the knowledge and experiences from working and building successful systems within the creative industry to now the financial realm. Exploring and executing a creative way to help more clients, discover talented agents, and coaching efficiency is where Adam's passion lies. He continues to find new and exciting opportunities for growth for TDG and is looking forward to the companies bright future.