December 23, 2021

New Life Insurance Quoting Tool!

We are so excited to announce the new addition of our Life Insurance Quoting tool! We are always endeavoring to grow and have the best technology at our fingertips to make our Advisor's jobs easier when helping clients.

Today we are more than happy to announce our partnership with Insurance Toolkits. With this new amazing tool, we can now get quotes with all of our carriers and policy options that will best fit our client's needs in a matter of seconds. Making our Advisor's job easier as well as making it easier than ever to help make sure our clients can get the best coverage and plans possible.

Here are some of the features that this software provides:


Put decades of sales and underwriting experience in your pocket. Being agents ourselves, we’ve dealt with it all before, so we put it into FexToolkit so that you don’t have to. We work to deliver tools that allow you to run your business more efficiently while reducing unnecessary errors and headaches.


We made it our mission to streamline the underwriting + quoting process for term products. You can feel better equipped to handle a variety of different situations and clientele when you have the resources contained within TermToolkit at your disposal. Both TermToolkit & FexToolkit come together on one platform so that you can be confident in handling anything that gets thrown your way.

Medicare Supplement Toolkit (BETA)

Your clients take their health insurance seriously - and we know you do the same. Position yourself to succeed in one of the fastest-growing markets in the country with our set of Medicare Supplement carriers and tools. Determine the best fit for your clients by quoting, underwriting, and storing your cases on a platform not available anywhere else in the industry. Medicare Supplement Toolkit allows you to go into any situation confidently so that you can pick the right plan, every time.


Store and manage your book of business with our HIPAA-compliant CRM solution. Integrated directly into your Fex + TermToolkit account, our platform allows you to seamlessly sort and store your book of both active and potential clientele.